Marketing Online Is Hard For the Ones Marketing and The Ones Seeing It

Good Intentions

I find tons of ghost social accounts online in twitter and instagram. The person that created the account were like I need to market my closet, my eBay store, my mercari store etc… I think they go into it with visions of so many customers and followers they don’t know what to do with all of them. They say, in their head, this is easy I just post an image and some description with a link to my online item and boom sales… Time to start shopping for my castle!

Bad Outcomes

Hate to let you know most people do not care what is in your closet. I’m sure your BFF and family members follow your account but this type of marketing is becoming more and more taboo on these networks and people are unfollowing this lame attempt at marketing. So these people abandon these accounts and then twitter and instagram suggest me to follow them. My suggested people is clogged with crud accounts. This has to stop or people will stop using these platforms if they have to wade through tons of garbage accounts to find gems to follow.

Twitter and Instagram Need to Clean This Mess Up

So here is my pleading to these networks… Please for the sake of me wanting to stay on these networks train an AI to identify these accounts and if you don’t want to remove them never ever suggest them as someone I should consider following. It would be better if you started to remove these junk accounts. You know send a warning to the account holder that the account is considered abandoned and will be deleted. Please if I see another person's two closet items and nothing else I’m going to throw up a little.

Back to Marketing

So the moral of this story is that Online marketing is tough and it requires awesome content. If you have a closet, an eBay store or any other online store you will need to spend money and tons of time to get people to your items. You will not be shopping for a castle anytime soon. You have a ton of competition to try to be better than.

Aria Seeks to the Rescue

So this is why the Seek is so powerful and awesome. You don’t even have to market your product if you don’t want to. You just see if the item you are trying to sell is something some one is seeking and sell to them. If the Seeker is a pain then you find the next one that is not. So you could market that you are a Seller of an item with a Seller Seek but it is not necessary. You could sell anything… custom stuff… modified stuff… upcycled stuff… new stuff. Stop ignoring your family spending hours marketing your closet and start selling to Seekers.

Published: 7/13/2019

Sell or Buy Games on Aria Seeks

What To Do With Your Huge Stockpile of Games

Just looking on my social media feeds I see in the background of some peoples images a big stack of games, a book shelf of games and sometimes a wall of games. Why do people hang on to so many of these games is beyond me. I really think it might be that when you take it to places to exchange they give you so little for the titles that you are disgusted.

Don’t Blame The Game Stores of the World

The Game stores have to offer you so little because of their business models. They have all the costs associated with owning a store albeit in a mini mall. So these Game stores take back your $60 game for a few dollars and sell it again for $40. You did not really have a choice otherwise till now.

Aria Seeks is a Great Place to Buy and Sell Used Games

Aria Seek's business does not care what you pay for or sell the game. We are a true marketplace and every game should have a price associated to it that the marketplace decides without the need to fund a bunch of mini mall businesses. However you can buy and sell games on Aria Seeks for the right price for you! Seek or Sell Games today on

Published: 5/7/2019

Why Is My Brick and Mortar Store Failing?

Your Store is Awesome

Your location is great! You have a great store front. Your products are what people like in your area. Your displays should be converting people to customers. You have some decent foot traffic, an online store and you are marketing online. You are doing everything right! Why are you struggling or barely making it month to month?

Your Cheese Has Moved

If you don't know that phrase please buy the book. It is a popular business book and if your reading this you need it. Those business tactics worked before but now you are in a different world. You can blame Amazon or Wal-mart! They have done this to you but I will say we are really moving past those Brands and even their cheese has moved. The day of the side hustler markets has arrived. Some are calling this the Gig Economy. Webster’s Dictionary just made an entry for the Gig Economy!

What Are You Talking About - Side Hustler Markets and Gig Economy

Well you can say that Ebay and Craigslist started this movement. They allowed anybody to sell and market products online. They are still big players but recently we are seeing other players enter this market with great success. For fashion you hear about Poshmark where people open up their closets like faux stores. Then you can see some online consignment shops thriving like Thread Up where you send them clothes and they sort them and give you some cash toward other peoples items. You also have Facebook marketplace which some people like because it is easy.

All of these markets let people make some cash from products they own like a garage sale or maybe some of them buy in bulk and sell via these markets.

How Can I Save My Store

For certain if you do nothing you will likely be unable to sustain your store. But you can embrace this movement and thrive. The quicker the better for the early adopters will be the biggest players in this new market. An established store actually has the advantage of having wholesale prices to keep pricing low and pay for shipping for items that are above a certain amount. Once this market is mature the manufacturers will need to cut out the small middle people to survive themselves.

Start listing your products online! Start making content! Pictures and videos and post to social media. Start engaging with people to get followers and people liking your content. Research each social media channel and taylor content accordingly. Hire someone who can do this for you if you are completely lost!

Custom Products Done Well

You can also consider designing or have someone design for you some custom products. These would be key differentiators that if they are great products could help your success in this new world.

Aria Seeks was Created for This New Market Place

Inspire people on Aria Seeks with your products and sell to them quickly. Start your journey in this new marketplace easily by creating a store on today and learn how to move product to people that want your products.

Published: 4/25/2019

Keep your budget intact using Aria Seeks to buy anything at the price your willing to pay

Everyone Has a Budget

You have one… Yes you do even if it is not written down or not followed! You only have a certain amount of money coming in to your pockets and you have some expenses you cannot avoid. You likely have a bunch of debt either student loans or just credit card debt. Aria Seeks allows you to budget your spending by letting you choose what you're willing to pay for anything. Yes anything you need to buy, buy it on Aria Seeks by making a Listing(a Seek) and setting your initial price.

What Should I Pay

You should pay what you think the item is worth in the condition that you’re asking. Most Seekers seem to be about 50%-60% off retail (for not new products) but the sellers can counter offer if they think it is too low. Most important is that you find a seller that you like and responds to questions thoughtfully and fairly quickly.

What About Custom Items

So if you are paying someone to make something for you then you should pay them fairly. Guess how much time they would put into making the item( then add on a couple more) and times that by some hourly pay that a tradesperson charges. You can google hourly wages for tradespeople to get a close estimate. Don’t expect to pay minimum wage these people should be considered specialists in a craft and should be compensated fairly.

Be Open to Sellers Suggesting Alternatives

Sellers likely know more about a specific item and the pros and cons of alternatives. So if a seller suggests a different brand or close enough item consider it as it might help you save some cash too!

Seeking Is Control

The power to the Seeker is what Aria Seeks core concept and advantage to other markets. You don’t have to buy what the limited Sellers have that you had time to research. You don’t have pay for the marketing and mistakes that sellers made on product they could not move. You are an Active Buyer, the ultimate prize for any seller. You are in control and have the money to get what you want out of these transactions. In doing so you will save money and enjoy the purchase all the more.

Published: 4/18/2019

Why does the world need Aria Seeks to exist? Because Seeking is way better than online shopping!

Hear me out on the advantages and you might agree.

When Google first released its search engine I was like, “Ugh!". Much of the press was in love, but many suggested Alta Vista was all anyone really needed… Today many people don’t even recall the name Alta Vista and know the innovations Google has brought to finding information on the web is superior. Seeking is innovative to online marketplaces like Google’s search was to finding pages on the web.

Ring The Bell

Some ideas you hear and cannot un-hear, like the ringing of a bell. I think Seeking is one of those Ideas. It really has been with us for our entire human history, but has not been brought to the forefront of how to purchase items in a very inviting and easy way. Seeking is giving the power of the transaction to the Seeker. If you look at most of the mainstream marketplaces and shops, the Seller is the one that lists items, makes the terms, and sets the prices. Seeking is the reverse of this in that the Seeker knows what they want to buy and price they want to pay. Most importantly they have the money to make the transaction successful!

When the Seeker is in control of the transaction it becomes easier for the Seeker and the Seller. Seekers are active buyers which are the most difficult people to attract in marketing. Sellers only have to see what people are Seeking and provide it.

Checks and Balances

Aria Seeks adds to the online shopping experience by having a barter system. The Seeker and seller can counter the initial offer. This allows Sellers to educate a Seeker his or her request may not be realistic. It is also just fun and harkens back to the days of early marketplaces.

Seekers and Sellers can talk directly… Connecting A Seeker to a Seller is not useful if they cannot discuss their connection.

What About Want Ads on Craigslist and ISO on Facebook?

Privacy matters, and going to someone’s house to pick something up is just weird. These options are similar to a Seek, but I have picked up items from some places I did not feel safe and never want to visit again.

A Seek can be as anonymous as you need it to be. Sellers and other Seekers don’t know your location, name (usernames can be edited at any time), email, or anything they don’t need to know. Once you accept an offer your name and address will need to be disclosed so the product can be shipped to you. But before the Seeker accepts the offer you could be bartering with your family member and not even know it.

Come check out the power of a Seek for yourself. Make a seek on

Published: 4/11/2019

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