Questions & Answers

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  • It is a listing for something that someone wants to buy. The Seeker is making this Seek like a want ad or ISO post on other sites.
  • Seeks allow the user to Seek anything. You never have to wait for someone willing to sell something. You never have to wait for a sale as you set the initial price you want to pay. Seeks save you time and offers can come from multiple people. Seeks are also anonymous until you accept and a shipping label needs to be printed. Seeks are shipped so there is no sketchy drop-offs or pickups. Seeks allow you to direct message the seller to make sure you are getting what you want. Seeks are awesome and powerful!
  • User accounts allow you to be a Seeker or Seller. When someone else looks at your profile page they will see your store and all the seller Seeks you have created. So with one account you are ready to Seek or Sell. To get paid for any items you sell you will need to setup your payout information and then you are ready to sell!
  • Reward point can be used to reduce shipping on seeks having a value $20 or more. You get points for inviting people, logging in daily, reviewing Seekers and Sellers. Seller actions cost reward points to keep Sellers from abusing the awesome Seekers!
  • Yes you can! But they can only be sold as new. No opened cosmetics should ever be sold to anyone. That is just gross.
  • We do not have the ability to do background checks and would rather not deal with this item at this time. It is on our roadmap so people legally seeking firearms may do so sometime in the future. We want this done the right way and not sketchy!

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